All About Art

Here's what our Artist's will discover in the Art Room!

Friday 9/16/2022


Introduction to Color

The Basic Elements and Principles of the Color Wheel
Color Mixing Techniques
Application of Color in Mixed Mediums

Introduction to Form

Identification and Understanding of Form in Our Space
Application of Materials, Tools, and Techniques
Composition and Creation of 3D Project

Introduction to Line

The role Line plays in Art and the World around us
How to use Line to create Art
Different Applications of Line using various Materials

First Grade

Introduction to Shape

Identification of Geometric and Organic shapes
Understanding of Shape within our World
Application of Techniques in Creating Shape

Introduction to Space

Understanding the Element of Space and its relation to Form
Application of Materials and Techniques to Create Space
Creating Perspective, Proportion, and Overlapping

Introduction to Texture

Identify Texture as Actual/Real (3D) and Implied (Flat)
Apply Elements of Line and Shape to create Flat Texture
Explore various mediums to create Actual Texture

Second Grade


Explore Color & Space

Identification how Artists use Color and Shape to create Art
Understanding of relationship between Color and Emotion
Experience use of Contrast in Color to Create Space

Explore Form & Texture

Understand Relationship of Form and Texture as 3 Dimensional Elements
Experience Application of Materials and Techniques to Create Form & Texture
Explore the Function of Form & Texture in our World

Explore Line & Shape

Use Line & Shape to Express Emotions and Communicate Ideas
Apply Elements of Line and Shape to portray Movement and Space
Identify Line & Shape in Symbols within Culture

Third Grade

The Elements & Principles of Art and Design

Defining all the Elements of Art and Principles of Design
Identifying the Elements and Principles within Creating Artwork
Relating the Elements and Principles to our everyday World

Experimenting with Color

Application of Color Wheel Elements to Various Mediums and Materials
Exploration of the Color Wheel and How it Works
Adaption of Colors and Their Relationships between Each Other

Experimenting with Form

Identify Simulated and Real Form within Art
Experience Processes and Techniques to Create Form in Art
Explore Various Mediums to create Abstract and Realistic Form

Fourth Grade


Experimenting with Line & Shape

Understanding Relationship between Line & Shape in Objects in Life and Art
Applying Line as Contouring a Shape/Form, or Gestural as Conveying Movement
Identifying Shapes as Positive or Negative, Geometric or Organic

Experimenting with Space

Identifying Prior knowledge and Expanding upon Space as a Concept
Creating Illusion of Realistic Space through Various Techniques
Expansion of Positive and Negative Space Design and Manipulation

Experimenting with Texture

Practice of Various Techniques to Create Illusion of Realistic Texture
Experimentation with Volume of Materials to Create Texture
Identify Presence & Use of Texture throughout Art and Everyday Life

Fifth & Sixth Grade

Elements of Art & Principles of Design
In depth knowledge and understanding of the elements and principles, how they are used to create works of art, and relate to everyday life.

Materials, Tools, and Techniques
Experience and experiment with multiple mediums, learn traditional methods and apply various techniques to create a variety of art forms.

Artists and Art Movements
Identify and Explore well-known Artists, their work and specific characteristics and skills of their artistry.
Study the historical timeline of Art Movements and their significance to culture and the Art community.