Welcome to Art Class 


Mrs. Kim Ace

Art class is once a week, either Tuesdays or Fridays, for Kindergarten through 6th grade for 40 minutes at a time. The full art curriculum can be found on the district website or here in What We Are Learning. Students in art get a glimpse into diverse cultures and history while getting to try their hand in a large variety of media. The lessons will introduce them to the aesthetics of design using traditional elements and principles. Additionally, art has numerous cross-curricular connections to math, science, history, writing, and music. Art fosters problem solving, innovation, and free expression.


Creating a SAFE and RESPECTFUL environment is a priority in the art room. Mrs. Ace encourages students to be open-minded and judgement-free. Please visit Rules & Rewards for more.


FYI... Smocks are NOT normally used in art so please have your child dress accordingly. Most materials are washable.



  • Discover, create, and refine ideas
  • Share and convey meaning through art
  • Respond and apply criteria to evaluate art
  • Make personal, societal, cultural, and historical connections

*as per 2020 NJSLS-VPA adopted by NJ DOE


Each grade level will explore a combination of the


  • Journaling (for grades 2-6)
  • Ceramics
  • Printmaking
  • Color Theory
  • Painting
  • General/Figure Drawing
  • Portraiture
  • Abstract/Non-representational
  • Bookmaking
  • Fiber Arts